In recent years, the allure of lab-grown diamonds has begun to shine brightly in the eyes of consumers, with 2023 marking a significant milestone in their journey towards mainstream acceptance. Last year witnessed a remarkable surge in the popularity of lab-grown diamonds, particularly in the non-bridal jewellery sector. Notable events such as the New York Fashion Week saw jewellery retailer Pandora showcasing its lab-grown diamond collection to fashion insiders and stars, indicating a broader acceptance of these man-made gems in the high-fashion realm.

Key Takeaways About 2024, the Big Year for Lab Diamonds

  • Lab-grown diamonds continue to gain popularity and acceptance in the mainstream jewellery market.
  • Financial growth and industry adoption are on an upward trajectory, with projections indicating a promising future for lab-grown diamonds.
  • Established luxury brands and new players are both embracing the lab-grown diamond trend, offering consumers a wider range of choices.
Video about the growth of lab-grown diamonds

Growth Trajectory

The financial trajectory of lab-grown diamonds is nothing short of sparkling. Brands like Brilliant Earth witnessed a 15.7 per cent net sales increase in 2022, while Dorsey, an exclusively lab-grown jewellery brand, sold over a million stones the same year.

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These figures reflect a growing consumer appetite for lab-grown diamonds, which is set to continue soaring in 2024. Various market projections forecast a bright future; the global lab-grown diamond market, valued at $22.3 billion in 2021, is predicted to burgeon to a staggering $55.6 billion by 2031. Another forecast by Businesswire anticipates the market reaching $37.32 billion by 2028, underscoring the rapid growth trajectory of lab-grown diamonds.

Table: Projected Growth of Lab-Grown Diamond Market

YearMarket Value (USD Billion)Source
202122.3Allied Market Research
2024(calculated or projected value)(source if available)
203155.6Allied Market Research
It seems that 2024 will be the big year for lab diamonds

Industry Adoption of Lab-Grown Diamonds

The shift towards lab-grown diamonds isn’t just a fleeting trend but a substantial industry-wide transition. Renowned luxury group LVMH, owner of Tiffany & Co., has begun exploring lab-created diamonds, testing the waters for luxury buyers’ interest in these man-made stones.

The anticipated market share of lab-grown diamonds is also telling, with predictions stating they will constitute 10% of the global diamond market by 2030. These developments underscore a significant industry adoption that’s poised to propel lab-grown diamonds to new heights in 2024.

How the jewellery industry is adopting lab-grown diamonds

Driving Factors Behind the Adoption of Lab-Grown Diamonds

Several driving factors contribute to the rising star of lab-grown diamonds. The partial or complete closure of traditional diamond mines, for instance, has paved the way for lab-grown diamond manufacturers to step in and meet the demand. Consumers, increasingly eco-conscious and ethically driven, are also looking towards lab-grown diamonds as a more sustainable and conflict-free alternative to mined diamonds.

FAQs About the Growth of Lab Diamonds in the Jewellery Business

Why is 2024 considered a big year for lab-grown diamonds?

2024 is anticipated to be a pivotal year for lab-grown diamonds due to their growing popularity, industry adoption, and projected market growth, reflecting a shift towards more sustainable and ethically sourced diamonds.

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How have lab-grown diamonds grown in popularity?

Events like the New York Fashion Week showcase of lab-grown diamonds and significant sales increases reported by companies like Brilliant Earth and Dorsey in 2022 exemplify the popularity surge.

What is the projected market value of lab-grown diamonds?

The global market for lab-grown diamonds, valued at $22.3 billion in 2021, is projected to reach up to $55.6 billion by 2031, showcasing a promising growth trajectory.

Are established jewellery brands adopting lab-grown diamonds?

Yes, established luxury groups like LVMH, owner of Tiffany & Co., have begun exploring lab-created diamonds, signalling a significant industry-wide transition towards lab-grown diamonds.

Why are consumers turning towards lab-grown diamonds?

Consumers increasingly opt for lab-grown diamonds due to their ethical and sustainable attributes, as they are produced without the environmental and social issues associated with traditional diamond mining.

The Future Looks Good

As we step into 2024, the horizon looks brilliant for lab-grown diamonds. Building on the momentum gained over the previous years, this gem of the future is well on its way to mainstream acceptance, offering both sparkle and sustainability. For those seeking to add a touch of brilliance to their collections, lab-grown diamonds present a shining, ethical, and increasingly popular choice.

The future for lab-grown diamonds


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