If you want to find a present to buy for your special lady, do not be afraid to purchase jewelery. Take some advice here on choosing the perfect piece, no matter who you are buying for.

Steer clear of ammonia, bleach or other strong chemical solvents when you need to clean these items. Doing so can damage the shine and luster of the stones on your favorite pieces.

Be cautious of the way all of your personal jewellery gets stored together. For best results, separate different pieces into different boxes, compartments or hooks. Resist the temptation to jumble all your pieces into a community box. This can damage fragile, delicate jewellery, and necklaces can become very tangled in other jewellery pieces.

If you are interested in collecting costume jewellery, be sure to stay conscious of the condition. This type of jewellery can be extremely expensive and makes an incredible investment. However, this type of piece can have a lot of wear and tear, which wouldn’t be worth your money or time. A piece in good condition will be much more resourceful to you in the future.

Putting on jewellery only after you have put on makeup and fixed your hair will keep it from being exposed to chemicals that could tarnish it. Dust and grime from makeup gravitates towards jewellery, and putting on your jewellery first can leave it looking dull or dingy. This tip is especially important when it comes to earrings and necklaces.

Before purchasing a gemstone, find out if it has been treated, and if so, how. Different treatments come with different requirements for cleaning and storage. For example, improper cleaning with the wrong method may damage the stone by stripping the treatment.

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Think about the outfits you will wear it with when you buy a piece of jewellery. You should not have a lot of jewelery that you are never going to put on. Bear in mind the contents of your wardrobe before you purchase a piece of jewellery.

This includes both dry and steam saunas. The high levels of moisture and heat are very damaging to the jewellery.

It is important to visit different jewelers and examine multiple pieces when shopping for diamond jewellery. No two diamonds are exactly the same, each will have different flaws. Once you see some of the flaws in person, they may become less important. Depending on the number and types of flaws in a diamond, jewelers may be somewhat flexible in pricing the piece. It is important to look at various options to ensure you get the best quality diamond for the amount of money you can comfortably afford.

When you go swimming, take your jewellery off first. Swimming pools contain chlorine, which can age many types of jewellery prematurely. Ocean salt water can similarly cause damage to any jewellery exposed to it. Lengthen the jewelry’s life, and ensure it keeps its beauty by removing any precious items before entering the pool.

Use decorative robe hooks to prevent your necklaces from becoming tangled and knotted. Attach this hardware to the inside of your closet door or on your bedroom wall, and hang groups of necklaces according to length or colour. No longer will you have to contend with knotted, tangled balls of chains in your jewellery box. Plus, the artfully arranged necklaces make an aesthetically pleasing addition to your room.

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You may not have to sell your gold jewellery to get money out of your necklaces and bracelets. Just clip off a few inches of excess and you can sell it while still actually keeping a full piece to wear. Ensure that your items are real gold before doing this and, if you have enough, you can acquire a significant amount of cash from a reputable dealer.

Rubies have been a highly desired stone for a long time, and for good reason. While it’s true that rubies are red, there are many different shades of this colour from maroon to clear deep rose pinks. Rubies are also tough; they can withstand scratching, chipping, and chemicals. Their strength and unique beauty make them an excellent choice for most people.

Like we talked about earlier, jewellery is always a great gift for any woman you find yourself needing a special gift for. Use the ideas presented in this article to make sure you choose just the right piece for any woman in your life.