Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and when it comes to natural fancy coloured diamonds, they truly are a beauty to behold. Natural fancy coloured diamonds are rare and unique due to their distinct hues, tones, and saturation. In this blog post, we will take you on a journey through the fascinating world of natural fancy coloured diamonds.

We’ll explore the diverse spectrum of colours that these diamonds come in, including the special categories like fancy light, fancy intense, and fancy vivid diamonds.

We’ll also explore secondary colours and their impact on diamond value, as reflected in the laboratory’s colour description.

Furthermore, we’ll discuss the unique characteristics of different coloured diamonds such as pink, yellow, blue, green diamond, orange diamonds, and brown diamonds, with a focus on their main colour.

Lastly, we’ll touch on how fluorescence plays a role in determining the value of natural fancy colour diamonds and why they make an excellent investment option for those who love luxury items or are looking for a unique alternative to traditional colourless diamonds. So sit back and get ready to be amazed by the beauty of natural fancy coloured diamonds and their final price.

Unboxing Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds

The Fascinating World of Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds

Natural fancy coloured diamonds exhibit captivating hues, with only one in 200,000 displaying a noticeable blue colour. Their rarity and unique formation make them highly sought after, adding vibrancy and allure to jewellery. Each diamond is truly exceptional, exuding beauty and sophistication.

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The Rarity and Appeal of Coloured Diamonds

The allure of natural fancy coloured diamonds lies in their intense and vivid hues, with only one in every 10,000 diamonds classified as fancy coloured. These rare gems symbolize elegance, adding glamour and sophistication to any jewellery collection, making them a timeless choice.

The Process behind the Formation of Coloured Diamonds

Coloured diamonds form from intense heat and pressure, resulting in unique hues. Specific atoms like boron contribute to their colouration, shaping diamonds up to 300 miles beneath the earth’s surface. Natural fancy coloured diamonds attain captivating hues during crystallization, making each a rare natural wonder.

The Diverse Spectrum of Coloured Diamonds

Spanning a wide spectrum of mesmerizing hues, coloured diamonds offer endless possibilities for personal adornment. Each distinct charm, from pink and blue to yellow and green, allows for unique and expressive jewellery designs. The allure lies in captivating with a diverse range of hues.

Diving into the Hue of Diamonds

The saturated hue of coloured diamonds signifies their primary colour, from subtle to vivid. It determines rarity and desirability, ranging from delicate to intense, offering a personal expression of sophistication and style.

Understanding the Saturation and Tone of Coloured Diamonds

The depth and vividness of a coloured diamond’s colour is determined by its saturation and tone. Saturation ranges from faint to intense, while tone adds depth and character. These aspects contribute to the overall visual impact and allure of coloured diamonds, enhancing appreciation of their natural beauty.

The Special Categories of Coloured Diamonds

Radiating elegance, fancy light diamonds exhibit a delicate hue, adding sophistication to jewellery designs. Captivating with their boldness, fancy intense diamonds showcase natural beauty and allure. Fancy vivid diamonds create an extraordinary presence with a remarkable and vivid hue.

Exploring Fancy Light Diamonds

Fancy light diamonds exude timeless elegance and sophisticated allure. Their understated grace adds a touch of sophistication to jewellery creations, captivating with their delicate hue and natural appeal.

The Magic of Fancy Intense Diamonds

Enchanting with their vivid and intense colour, fancy intense diamonds exude a vibrant and highly desirable presence. Their striking hue embodies elegance and sophistication, highlighting their natural beauty and rarity. The magic lies in their extraordinary natural coloration.

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The Allure of Fancy Vivid Diamonds

Captivating with their exceptional and intense hue, fancy vivid diamonds radiate a mesmerizing allure, adding a striking and vibrant presence to jewellery designs. Highly coveted for their rare and captivating brilliance, these diamonds showcase unparalleled natural beauty.

The Role of Secondary Colours in Diamonds

The interplay of primary and secondary colours results in mesmerizing and visually stunning diamonds. Secondary coloured diamonds are highly sought after for their rarity and distinctive beauty, enhancing the overall appearance and allure.

Enhancing the Beauty of Diamonds with Secondary Colours

Elevating the allure of natural coloured diamonds, secondary colours add rarity and sophistication. Boron infuses enchanting blue hues, while nitrogen intensifies warm fancy vivid yellows, captivating with elegance and appeal. The result is mesmerizing and visually stunning diamonds.

The Impact of Secondary Colours on Diamond Value

The presence of secondary colours can impact the overall appearance and desirability of natural coloured diamonds. Vibrant and intense secondary hues can significantly influence the value and attractiveness of these precious gemstones, making them more sought after and valuable.

The Unique Characteristics of Different Coloured Diamonds

The distinct hues of natural coloured diamonds reflect personal elegance, symbolizing femininity and sophistication. From pink to green and red, each diamond showcases intense, individualistic colour, making coloured diamond jewellery alluring and unique.

The Mystique of Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds, known for their intense and captivating hue, exude glamour and femininity. Their rarity and allure enhance the beauty of jewellery, reflecting personal style. Renowned for ultra-violet light absorption, natural pink diamonds emit a mesmerizing glow, exuding elegance and sophistication.

The Warmth of Yellow Diamonds

Radiating warmth and vitality, yellow diamonds embody natural beauty and elegance. Their fancy vivid and light hues create a captivating presence, reflecting personal style and sophistication. With intense heat and resplendent beauty, yellow diamonds symbolize timeless elegance.

The Cool Elegance of Blue Diamonds

Exuding a serene and alluring charm, blue diamonds captivate with their mesmerizing hues, symbolizing exclusivity and glamour while reflecting personal style. The presence of boron enhances their allure and rarity, resulting in a one-of-a-kind sophistication.

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The Deep Essence of Brown Diamonds

Reflecting natural beauty and elegance, brown diamonds embody a deep, earthy essence. Infused with nitrogen and hydrogen, they exude a warm, organic hue, symbolizing sophistication and rarity. With their intense heat, they epitomize understated elegance and personal style.

The Influence of Fluorescence in Coloured Diamonds

Enhancing the hue and saturation of natural coloured diamonds, fluorescence imparts a mesmerizing and captivating glow, elevating their appeal and rarity. Coloured diamonds with fluorescence exhibit intense and vivid hues, symbolizing sophistication and elegance.

The Effect of Fluorescence on Coloured Diamonds

Fluorescence enhances coloured diamonds, intensifying their saturation and allure. These diamonds emit a captivating glow, symbolizing sophistication and glamour, elevating their desirability, and reflecting personal style and elegance.

What Makes Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds an Excellent Investment?

Investing in natural fancy coloured diamonds is a wise choice due to their uniqueness and increasing value. These rare gems can diversify your investment portfolio and offer long-term growth potential. With their scarcity and high demand, natural fancy coloured diamonds are an excellent investment opportunity.


To conclude, natural fancy coloured diamonds are truly a marvel of nature. Their rarity and unique beauty make them highly sought after by collectors and investors alike. From the vibrant hues of pink and yellow to the cool elegance of blue and the deep essence of brown, each coloured diamond has its own charm and allure.

Secondary colours further enhance the beauty of these diamonds, adding depth and character. There is a coloured diamond that will speak to your heart, whether you are enamoured with the mystique of pink diamonds, the warmth of yellow diamonds, or the cool elegance of blue diamonds.

Furthermore, the presence of fluorescence in coloured diamonds adds another layer of intrigue. While some may prefer diamonds without fluorescence, others appreciate their unique glow.

Lastly, natural fancy coloured diamonds are not only stunning but also a solid investment option. Their rarity and increasing demand make them a valuable asset that can appreciate over time.

In conclusion, natural fancy coloured diamonds are a true testament to nature’s beauty and deserve to be appreciated and cherished for their uniqueness and allure.

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