Diamonds are one of the most sought after gemstones in the market. A diamond is known to be the hardest naturally occurring mineral in the world. Its sparkling beauty and luster attract many women like a queen. Whether you are looking for diamond jewellery to gift your wife on a special occasion or want to invest in diamond jewellery for yourself, diamonds are an excellent choice.

Many consumers don’t understand the four C’s (cut, clarity grade, carat, color) or how it affects the value of diamonds. Cut refers to the way the diamond is shaped, i.e. round, baguette, square, pear, etc. Clarity refers to the number of internal imperfections in the diamond, i.e. internal scratches, white spots, inclusions, etc. A high grade diamond has no inclusions and is therefore clearer.

A diamond can be classified according to its carat weight. The larger the carat weight of the diamond, the more pure it is. Pure diamonds have a very high clarity grade and are quite expensive. A diamond’s clarity grade can be seen on the inside of the diamond, stamped on the surface, or in the diamond jewellery’s certificate. A higher grade diamond means that the sparkle of the diamond is enhanced. Most diamonds sold at auction are sold with a certificate that lists the clarity grade.

Carat weight refers to the total weight of the diamond. The weight is measured in carats. In diamonds that are sold directly from jewellery store shelves, the carat weight is usually written on the inside of the diamond as well as stamped on the stone. The value of a diamond is also based on its diamond cut chart, which depicts the number of individual diamonds set on the ring. The shape of the diamond, i.e. round, heart-shaped, square emerald, pear, marquise, princess, trillion, or any other style, affects the cost of the diamond cut chart.

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The diamond’s carat weight is also dependent on the four Cs, i.e. color, cut, clarity, and carat. When it comes to the last one, the most expensive diamonds are usually the most difficult to find and the most scarce because they are so rare. The most valuable colored diamonds are red diamonds and the most rare are the black diamonds.

The clarity of a diamond is determined by its internal structure, which includes the mineral constituents. There are four grades of diamond clarity, i.e. carat, color, cut and clarity. The cut of a diamond is determined by the proportions of its internal structure to its external appearance.

The clarity of a diamond refers to its internal radiance, i.e. its brightness as seen through its sparkle. The carat weight is a measurement of the amount of a diamond’s surface weight. A diamond’s carat refers to one tenth of a carat.

The four Cs determine the worth of a diamond in terms of price, but there are more factors to be considered when purchasing diamonds. Therefore, knowing these four factors can help you make a wise decision on what to buy. Diamonds come in various colors and with different carat weights, shapes and clarity levels. A wise consumer will take all these into consideration before purchasing a ring at a wholesale price.

Cut is also an important factor in determining the value of diamonds. A diamond’s cut grade is determined by how it was cut and shaped. The number of facets that are used in the cutting and shape of the diamond all add to the brilliance of the stone. In addition, the number of facets determines how the light reflection is distributed across the diamond and thus how much brilliance it possesses. The sparkle of a diamond is directly related to the cut grade.

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Carat weight and size of a diamond are not the only factors to consider when purchasing a diamond ring, but many consumers do not understand the meaning of inclusions. Inclusions refer to foreign materials or minerals that have been found within the diamond. Most diamonds that are sold for retail prices are flawless, i.e. free from any visible foreign material. The rarity of the presence of inclusions will affect the diamond’s value and therefore the price that buyers will be offered for it.

A diamond color chart is a tool that is used to show different diamond characteristics and can be used for comparisons. A diamond color chart will show the specific carat weight, diamond cut, clarity and color of each diamond piece. This valuable guide is extremely helpful when choosing the perfect engagement ring. It helps buyers compare diamonds using only one set of measurements. A reputable jeweler will always provide a diamond color chart to their customers prior to making any purchase.